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Mid-Year Dump the Junk, Yes it’s More Than Once a Year!

Every year in January our team does a Dump the Junk challenge focusing on getting rid of excess things in our homes we’re not using and dumping the junk in the kitchen too. Why not do a refresher about mid-year?

It’s summer heading into fall, school is out, friends are visiting from out of town and everyone is trying to get one last vacation in before fall. We tend to get out of our routine with the busyness of summer.  Now’s the time to step back, regroup and focus on dumping the junk. It’s a great time to get rid of the kid’s old school clothes making room for the new clothes from your future shopping trip.  Why not do the same for yourself and make room for the new fall fashions you know you’ll pick up while school clothes shopping?

Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new is the perfect time to get rid of the junk in your refrigerator and kitchen cupboards.  With vacations and friend’s visiting, I’ve got a bit lax with my nutrition. It’s time to reset my nutrition with healthy snacks that I know will feed my brain the nutrients it needs to function correctly and for me to be able to get through my busy day.  Kids need healthy snacks especially for their healthy brain function.  While kids get more physical exercise in the summer they get a lot of mental exercise during the school year!

Some good places to start your Dump The Junk work can be:039e7b98e91cc2bfcd8bfd8d2f7b3b04_XL

  1. Closets – Get rid of old clothes and shoes that no longer fit (if you’ve released weight you DO NOT want to attract that stuff back into your life or your closet!!) and get rid of clothes that make you feel dumpy. Keep the clothes that let you feel fabulous!
  2. Bathroom cabinets – Get rid of the makeup junkyard (you know you have one) and keep the stuff you like. Like other things in our homes, makeup degenerates with age. I recently threw out some makeup I’d had in my makeup junkyard for 7 years. Yuck!
  3. Kitchen pantry – Read your labels and donate the stuff you don’t like, won’t use and food that you know is questionable with regard to ingredients. Keep the healthy foods and a local food pantry can find a grateful home for the items you don’t want.
  4. How about that storage closet (OR ROOM!) in the house where you put everything you don’t know what to do with or need to get out of sight when company comes over?  Go through and donate furniture and unused items to someone less fortunate than you. It’s a Win-Win. You’ll have a less cluttered house AND you’ll be putting out positive energy and we all could use a little more positive energy in the world!
  5. Finally, the garage – You might need to recruit a little help on this one if you have a significant other and that person is like mine!  Our garage tends to be that place where we put things we want to get out of sight.  It’s the location for my husband’s unfinished projects and ALL of his hobbies. I don’t have much room to talk, instead of driving around with my Goodwill donations in my car trunk for a month (lol) I piled them on the workbench waiting for a box to show up out of nowhere! Now that I’ve taken care of my pile I’ll get to work helping him.

Dumping the Junk is something you have to continually work on.  Why not have a special place in a closet or storage room where you save items in a box? When the box is full it’s your cue to head over and donate.

If you have some great tips please share!


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