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Three Words. It’s Short; it’s Simple; it’s Easy to Remember

This may well be the shortest blog I’ve written, but the best piece of nutrition advice I can give anyone.

Years ago I remember seeing a short video clip on You Tube with Bob Newhart where he’s a therapist and his client is a gal that needs some help with a behavior or fear. She comes to her appointment with a notebook and pen prepared to take notes to get the most from her appointment. (Link below).

She shares her fear of being claustrophobic with Bob. Bob tells her he’s going to give her the advice and it’s two words.  She gets ready to write them down. He tells her that there is no need to take notes. It’s Two Words.  It’s short; it’s simple; it’s easy to remember.  He proceeds to yell “Stop it” at her.  She looks dumbfounded and asks him what he means.  Again, he says my advice to you is to “Stop it.” That’s it.  It’s short; it’s simple It’s easy to remember.

If you’re having trouble keeping your hand out of the M&M package (seriously that’s my kryptonite) then don’t buy or bring home the M&Ms. If you find yourself snacking on the kid’s mini ice cream sandwiches, the Doritos, then don’t have them in the house! If they are not there you won’t eat them!  Absolutely no one, wakes up in the middle of the night and binges on apples!!! Nutrition Tip: research the ingredients in Nacho Cheese Doritos and you won’t want to buy them anyway.

You ask, “What about my kids? They love chips, candy and mini ice cream sandwiches! They don’t need to lose weight.  I need to have it there for them.” Do you really?  It may seem silly or basic but, like Bob Newhart, my advice is Stop Buying It.20180721_191444

You are the example for your children.  If you teach them how to make healthy snacks or head to the fridge for cut up apples or frozen grapes in the freezer instead of going to the cupboard for a handful of chips you’re setting them up for good nutrition habits later in life.

Three Words.  Stop Buying It.



Here’s the link to the Bob Newhart video.  Enjoy!

For healthy nutritious snacks (with protein, vitamins, healthy fats and good carbs) head over to:


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