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I May Be a Little Behind on the Whole Essential Oil Thing But I’ll Catch Up!

So this whole essential oil thing is kinda new to me!  I know, I know, everyone has been using essential oils forever and I’m behind the times.

In defense of myself, I have used a few oils in the past few years for allergy headaches, DIY eczema lotion and a couple other DIY home and self-care concoctions.  In fact, about one year ago I purchased a set of 20 oils plus a diffuser and only recently took the diffuser out of the box and fired it up!  I guess I’ve always thought that oils were about healing sick kids and sick people and I didn’t have young children and I am very rarely sick so I didn’t take the time to investigate.F8FA0E1C404F4F00A50295456BB0977A

In further defense of myself, my mom never used them and a lot of my friends have never used them either (maybe it’s my age group?) so it just hasn’t come up in a lot of conversations. Most of my exposure has been through social media or at networking groups and I haven’t had the opportunity to really connect with one of the ladies that loves oils

My company recently introduced a line of essential oils; makes sense right? I mean we’re all about taking the very best care of our bodies already, so it’s a natural fit! So now I’m forced (AND EXCITED!) to learn and use them.

We purchased the newly released pack of 10 essential oils including four blends for immunity, positive breathing, digestive health, and most important “hangar management!” Yes you read right, hanger management and weight wellness. I don’t know about you but when I’m trying to cut back on my food intake and lean out, I can get a bit hangry.009484CD5DED46D8A72C336611ED5EA8

In fact, my husband has been running the diffuser 24/7 since our annual Celebration. I’m certain I’ll need to reorder soon. He’s become quite the aromatherapy “mixologist” concocting all kinds of his own blends.  Sometimes I don’t know whether to relax and breathe easy or get energized and take on the world!

One thing I do know is I’m loving them so far and it’s been a blast learning and putting them to use in my health, my diet, and my home. If you’re not married to a certain brand and open to trying some pure, 3rdparty tested oils, let me know and we’ll set you up. Enjoy!


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